Michael at workspacerMichael Wood has resided and worked in metal arts in Santa Cruz since 2008. Born in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1970, his interest in art started at an early age in clay under the tutelage of his mother, a ceramicist. His interest in ceramics continued into college, where he studied and learned ceramic production and firing techniques from local and international artists. His interest turned to metal when he began to build materials for Grand Canyon ecological investigations, and continued as he constructed equipment for private and commercial river runners worldwide. He began more artistic metal endeavors when in 1999, with a hammer, a piece of railroad steel and a small torch he started his lifelong journey into the Art of Blacksmithing. Michael continues to study with European and domestic blacksmiths to perfect his work. His work is primarily commissioned and is displayed in private collections across the country, and has been featured in metal art publications. Most recently, Michael’s work was displayed at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz during the Experience Metal exhibit, where he also demonstrated forging techniques and metal foil embossing. Michael is active in the California Blacksmith Association and currently serves on their Board of Directors.


Lic. #998871
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