Blacksmithing, or hand forged iron, is an ancient technique dating back thousands of years to the Metal Age. When the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America was founded in 1973, the ancient art of blacksmithing had gone from a central place in every community to near extinction.

sparksHand forged iron should not be confused with wrought iron. Originally wrought iron referred to a specific type of metal or iron forging technique. Now wrought iron can refer to anything black made of metal. Commonly, wrought iron incorporates manufactured pieces of iron welded together, and painted black.

In contrast, the process of forging a design or object using a hand forged method involves heating the metal in fire, and hammering it into dynamic and flowing designs. Some of the limitless possibilities for hand forged iron include: wine cellar doors, gates, stair railings, grills, chandeliers and light fixtures, gable brackets, bed frames, fireplace screens or inserts and fireplace tools. For the kitchen, examples of ironwork could include pot racks, trivets, and utensils.

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